We need those open-minded and flexible individuals, so that together we can reach our potential and find the optimal solution. At Viera you take ownership of the process and the tasks that are at hand. Each individual takes responsibility for the final outcome and for our teams and the customers success.

We have developed a strong culture of belonging within the employees who work in a collaborative work environment. We all share the same values and achievements and celebrate success together as reaching a goal is always a team effort. High quality and customer focus are major drivers for our style of working and we can only bring out the best in us if we use the synergies between each and every member of our team.

Continuous Learning

We believe in the concept of building on your expertise and enhancing the capabilities of each individual. This transformation is the DNA of our business success and we want to make sure everybody can be proud to be associated with us.

Viera is a dynamic IT organisation, requiring people who have a long-term view on their growth. We always seek out talented and passionate team players. Being aimed at bringing out the best in you, we strive to provide a challenging and vibrant environment to help you re-invent yourself and to go beyond your limits with collective effort and team spirit. Be a part of Viera Consulting to enhance your skills and realize your potential to reach new heights.

Are you Smart, Creative and Resourceful?

Want to join our multi-talented transformational global team. See the following list if your profile matches and you want to work with Viera.

If you are not able to see current openings which you may be interested in, no worries, we still like to hear from you to be considered for future positions. Send your resume to and our hiring team will contact you when your profile matches any of our future career opportunities.


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